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HDTV Transmitter Installation

1 September, 2002 (17:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

For this facility (KHOG) the gain of the antenna was considerable so that only about 10kW TPO would be needed to meet the maximized ERP level, so the choice of a solid-state Diamond transmitter from Harris was made. The benefits of this choice were that the multiple modules and power supplies allowed for considerable redundancy […]

HDTV Encoding Rack Design

1 May, 2002 (17:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

Here is a project I am justifiably proud of. Our corporate engineering management had determined that we were to use a Harris Flexicoder as the core of our HDTV encoding, but outside of that we were to determine what we needed to best integrate it into our facility. Initially, I was not pleased with the […]

DTV Antenna Installation

1 March, 2002 (17:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

A few grainy images of the Andrew side-mounted antenna we ordered for the KHBS DTV transmitter in Poteau, Oklahoma (which serves the Fort Smith, Arkansas market).

Digital Tower Erection

1 December, 2001 (17:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

Because there was simply no room on the existing tower to place a DTV antenna that would be even marginally effective, I was successful in convincing the company of the need to build the tower and locate the new antenna on it.

KHBS DTV Transmitter Installation

1 November, 2001 (16:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

I’d love to take all the credit for this project, but who would believe me?!?! This required the experience and assistance of not only our station’s engineering department, but also the combined efforts of contracted electricians, transmitter installers, HVAC installers, a local construction company and tower riggers.

HDTV Infrastructure

1 October, 2001 (16:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

Prior to installing the coming DTV transmitters there had to be a manner in which to get the HD signal to the transmitter. Since we would ultimately have two high-power DTV transmitter sites and they are a considerable distance from the studios, the only practical solution would be to encode the HD signal at the […]

Rebuilt Master Control

1 October, 2001 (15:00) | Projects, TV |

Here is a project that we desperately need to do for some time! Programming and monitoring for two stations was absolutely awful and inefficient from the old area that the MCO worked at. It was made from mostly plywood into a custom cabinet years prior with no room for expansion or thought regarding future possibilities […]

KHOG Transmitter Building Expansion

1 September, 2001 (17:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

In order to accommodate the additional transmitter equipment for this station’s HDTV transmitter the building had to be expanded considerably.  I was able to include in the budget enough area for a sound-resistant office where maintenance records, spare parts and test equipment could be kept and calls could be made without having to shout over […]

Updated News and Weather Sets for KHBS

21 September, 2000 (12:00) | Projects, TV |

The existing news and weather sets at KHBS were in a small set adjacent to the newsroom, called studio ‘A’ and overdue for an updated look and layout since they had been in use for over 10 years. The new sets were built in the ‘studio next door’, studio ‘B’. Most of that studio was […]

The Media Pool

31 December, 1999 (14:00) | Projects, TV |

When I arrived to the KHBS/KHOG TV market in 1998 the tertiary station KHOG in Fayetteville was running its locally sold spots by manually breaking away from the programming they were receiving from KHBS. The Master Control Operator on duty would change a crosspoint on their router and then manually trigger a series of spots […]

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