Contact Me

If you would like to contact me for whatever reason you can e-mail me at storbett [at]

I have enabled comments, however in an attempt to keep the trolls and spam to a minimum I require that all comments be approved through moderation. This is not because I’m dis-interested in what people think or that I don’t want to know if someone spots a blatant inaccuracy I’ve made, it’s mainly to avoid the spam and trolls that always flood even the best blogs. I do not blog as a profession and simply do not have the time to police my sites against vandalism and hateful posts.

So, if you strongly disagree with anything I have posted you can rebut me in a personal e-mail or on your own blog. I would like to hear from anyone with something to share, constructive criticism or corrections, but please be polite. Hate mail goes right in the trash and I move on.

Have a great day!