HDTV Transmitter Installation

For this facility (KHOG) the gain of the antenna was considerable so that only about 10kW TPO would be needed to meet the maximized ERP level, so the choice of a solid-state Diamond transmitter from Harris was made. The benefits of this choice were that the multiple modules and power supplies allowed for considerable redundancy and fault-tolerance.
Diamond TX delivered.

Digital transmitter assembled

Transmitter ready for business

As part of the transmitter building expansion I included redundant 10-ton AC systems to more than adequately handle the heat load that the transmitter would generate. I had the plenum for the transmitter constructed so that its heat could be ducted into the building to help heat it in the winter and ducted outside in the summer. One important design was to create positive air pressure in the building to keep insects from migrating inside. One of the problems in the past was that the old building had negative air pressure inside and this assisted in sucking the bugs into the building and eventually into the high voltage components of the Harris TV-60UM MSDC klystron transmitter in the older part of this building.