Well, I have moved around quite a bit so far and lived in a number of great places such as Ayer (Mass), Fayetteville (NC), San Diego, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Bend (OR), Cincinnati, San Jose, Redwood City and even the countries of Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq during my time in the Army.

After serving through my initial 4-year enlistment in the Army as an airborne infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division including a tour on the Korean DMZ and then back to the 82nd for the first Gulf War, the Army agreed to send me to an electronics school in Fort Devens, Mass. where I graduated at the top of my class from the Electronic Warfare / Tactical Systems Intercept Systems Repair course. The great benefit from this Army ‘cram school’ was that they bring the students that survive the rapid pace of the classes from basic AC/DC theory, digital logic and systems, microcontrollers through RF theory with real-life fault troubleshooting tests which makes it equivalent to a 4-year civilian EE curriculum – just without the English Lit and Psychology elective requirements.

From there I served my reserve time back in Sacramento and worked my way into the Broadcast Engineering field when I found an opening advertised in the local paper for a station in Central Oregon (Bend). I found this to be a very challenging and interesting field that does a lot to sate my curiosity and interest in multiple disciplines of technology.

It didn’t take me long to excel in my field and move rapidly into engineering management at progressively larger stations. I have been fortunate over the years to have been surrounded by talented people and been provided the latitude to grow and learn a great deal.

While working in Cincinnati I found a terrific match with a wonderful woman whom I married on May 28th of 2005. We were married in Dayton, OH during an outdoor ceremony with our family.  The women cried, the men drank, the adventure continues…