Rebuilt Master Control

Here is a project that we desperately need to do for some time! Programming and monitoring for two stations was absolutely awful and inefficient from the old area that the MCO worked at. It was made from mostly plywood into a custom cabinet years prior with no room for expansion or thought regarding future possibilities that were coming, such as a second station to monitor, HDTV, automation, etc.
Old Master Control New Control Counter Top New Master Control Area
The entire engineering department worked together to make this happen as it took several weeks of adding the new racks, wiring power, slowly migrating existing equipment being used and rerunning cabling to the equipment moved to create more efficient and reliable connections.

Obviously, timing the switch of the primary master control console was the most touchy since we were broadcasting continuously and could be likened to changing a tire while the car is still driving down the road. We were able to get all the wiring in place and make the switch during an afternoon during the network soap operas which provided the largest window between commercial breaks. Rather than performing this work overnight this allowed time for troubleshooting while we had all our engineers available to assist in correcting any problems. A resoundingly successful project.