Home (is where I hang my hat)


….if I wore hats!

For me, home right now really is where I hang my hat because I enjoy living in new places every so often when my career takes me someplace different every few years. At the moment my hats hang in Reno, Nevada – a town right over the Sierra Nevada Mountains next to the California border and about a 4-hour drive to San Francisco. I’ve found that there are so many great places to live in this country and that it has been an adventure discovering a new area and learning what that region has to offer.

My former full-time career of over 25 years was spent in the field of broadcast television engineering which is (usually) fun and challenging to work in. There is a terrific sense of pride and accomplishment in working with smart people building or repairing complex systems that incorporate disciplines such as high-power RF systems, robotics, discrete electronics, computers, as well as analog and digital video and audio systems. After my last position as Director of Engineering in Reno was eliminated for cost-savings reasons, it was just the right time to leave the world of broadcast television engineering behind and push my general aviation piloting career to the next level!

I’m currently an instrument-rated commercial pilot working on my multi-engine rating and focused on building hours and earning additional certifications to combine the fun of flying while getting paid to do it.  See you in the sky!

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Flying a Cherokee!

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SF Bay Area Flight in a Comanche 250

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