Home (is where I hang my hat)


….if I wore hats!

Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I put this site together to highlight some projects I have done over the years and to inform others about interesting gadgets I use or own and feel others should know about, hobbies worth spending time on (motorcycling, SCUBA, flying airplanes – you know, doing stuff!) and anything else I feel like sharing.

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For me, home right now really is where I hang my hat because I enjoy living in new places every so often when my career takes me someplace different every few years. At the moment my hats hang in Reno, Nevada – a town right over the Sierra Nevada Mountains next to the California border and about a 4 hour drive to San Francisco. There are so many great places to live in this country that I have considered it an adventure discovering a new area and learning what that region has to offer.

For my full-time career I have found the field of broadcast television technology to be fun (usually) and challenging to work in for over 20 years now, so it is more prominently featured on my site. There is a terrific sense of pride and accomplishment in building or repairing complex systems that incorporate disciplines such as high-power RF systems, robotics, discrete electronics, computers, as well as analog and digital video and audio systems. I suppose these are the reasons why the dwindling number of crazy people like me in broadcast engineering put up with the sometimes lousy hours, strange locations (the top of towers!) and lost free-time while working in this field, whereas many others my age and younger focus on programming or repairing computers!

A tower climb in 2007

Please note that many of the links I find and post may be temporary (and I use a lot of links for reference and to cite the work of others). I’ll work to correct the ones I know about and find again, but sometimes the information I link to is timely and not maintained by those other sources permanently.

Feel free to browse around, read my postings and see if there is anything interesting to you. I’ll try not to bore anyone!

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I also have a few videos of mine online – nothing necessarily amazing, just fun: