My Custom BlackBerry Curve Theme. Red Nebula.

I’ve been a business user of BlackBerry phones for a few years now and, although I won’t get into a rant about which phone is the best phone to buy, I will say that in having these devices foisted upon me by my oh-so-wise-and-indefatigable employers I have found them capable e-mail devices and decent phones, but not much else.  However, finding a theme that is mildly interesting to look at while being easy to read on a Blackberry’s small screen has been mostly fruitless.  So, to paraphrase an old saying; “if you can’t buy one, make one.”

Recently I was issued my latest BB, a Curve, and although I like the phone well enough as a work phone, I cannot stand the lousy theme that it ships with.  They don’t even provide a basic, no-frills, monochrome theme and background.  This is just crap:

There are quite a few free theme’s out there for BlackBerries, but I also wasn’t too successful in finding a theme that provided the contrast I wanted, the readability of icons and font size I was comfortable with and a nice red hue.  So, here is what I came up with:

I am calling it my Red Nebula theme for very obvious reasons.  The Nebula image is from Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope project.

One view of the Red Nebula theme

I am offering my theme as a free OTA download only with the following caveat;  You do so at your own risk and I am not responsible if you brick your phone, lose data, spilled milk or any inconvenience you may encounter whatsoever.  By downloading or installing this theme you agree to my site Terms of Use and indemnify me of any malady this theme may or may not do to your phone.  If you agree to these conditions you may download it here (use your BB and browse to  I run the theme on my work BB Curve without any issues, but if my comments make you hesitate, then this is not for you and you should run away and hide someplace safe on the Internet, like here.

If you like my theme and find it to be an improvement on what you have now, please tip me ($2 for a beer would be awesome!) for my time creating it: