I love Sushi and so should you. Here’s how.

I have been a big fan of Sushi for years and when my wife and I were living in South San Jose we were very close to a very good (in our opinion) sushi restaurant where we consumed mass quantities of fish on rice.

When I was first introduced to sushi years ago I really liked it, but was unsure about how to eat it properly and thought the nigiri (individual hand rolled) sushi was eaten with chopsticks like the maki (roll) slices. Wrong! It wasn’t until a couple years ago I learned this from the sushi chef who politely corrected my poor sushi eating skills. Luckily, I stumbled upon these where others have provided a video course on how to properly conduct yourself in the sushi shop and eat it properly.

OK. OK. Don’t take that one too seriously it is a bit corny (but still pretty funny) however there is a more serious and informative video here:

Now you can confidently order and eat sushi like a pro (or native Japanese). Kind of.