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Modding tech is like a lame drug deal

17 December, 2007 (15:14) | Fun, Hacks, Projects |

I heard a story about a guy, not me mind you, that wanted to mod his PSP to a “homebrew” firmware which would allow him to run far more software than the lame games that were made solely for the platform. We’ll call this dashing and daring fellow “Mr. X” – kinda like Racer X […]

minor brush with fame

5 October, 2007 (12:00) | Fun |

After working all night at one of my employer’s analog transmitter sites, I had arranged to catch a flight out of the Burbank (Bob Hope) airport early that same morning. Luckily I was flying United today and not American Airlines, because their aircraft had crapped out and was screwing up everyone’s schedule (of course) and […]

rage against the corporate slogan machine

15 September, 2007 (17:00) | Fun |

If you work in a medium to large office you probably have several of those posters glamorizing “Teamwork”, “Courage” or “Fortitude” with a single, stirring image and a slogan to drive it all home like “Because it is in your destiny for greatness!”, “You are part of machine working for the greater good of mankind” […]

The best $600 router project for my $60.

15 July, 2007 (09:00) | Computers, Electronics, Fun, Hacks, Projects |

I have heard of this custom, free firmware called DD-WRT for a while now, but I needed to purchase a compatible router that would accept the replacement software and the one that was recommended the most by others was the Linksys WRT54GL. It also was one of the most trivial to perform the upgrade. Right […]

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