rage against the corporate slogan machine

If you work in a medium to large office you probably have several of those posters glamorizing “Teamwork”, “Courage” or “Fortitude” with a single, stirring image and a slogan to drive it all home like “Because it is in your destiny for greatness!”, “You are part of machine working for the greater good of mankind” or “Stay focused and productive or be replaced”.

I’ve always looked at those as rather simplistic surrogates for actual motivation that employees need to get from their co-workers and management. I’ve wondered if everyone else working at these places gets the same amount of humor, snickers and eye-rolling out of them that I do.

It also makes me wonder why (if a poster with a slogan can motivate the staff) did the company hire such apathetic, easily manipulated people? Surely the people these posters have an effect on must be Star Wars Stormtrooper candidates (“These are not the droids you’re looking for”).

Well, even if the management working at these companies doesn’t have a sense of humor, there is a company that does and you can make your own posters that will probably be more appreciated by your peers than the canned slogans “they” would order out of a catalog. The company is called Despair.com. They have a great sense of humor about the whole corporate poster shenanigans and you can even CREATE YOUR OWN! How cool is that?  Well, they aren’t poster sized, but it’s still pretty darn cool.

Wait! Before you jump there, check out a few custom examples…

Testing your work


Equipment maintenance




Be brave, if only for a moment...