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Month: May, 2008

Comcast got Hacked! Thank You ‘No Script’!!!

28 May, 2008 (19:22) | Computers |

I just tried to log into my Comcast webmail and was greeted by the following at the main URL: It looks like KRYOGENIKS EBK and DEFIANT are looking for credit on this hack. Thankfully I have ‘NoScript‘ installed as a plugin for my Firefox browser to minimize the exposure I would get when something […]

Local Broadcasters Can’t Catch A Break. Mostly Their Fault.

26 May, 2008 (17:14) | Computers, rant, TV |

A writer’s strike, shitty programming and the Internet. Oh my! Viewer’s are leaving appointment television by the droves and broadcasters are scrambling to do something, anything to keep them firmly planted on the couch during prime time. I’ve covered the topic of declining viewers in the past, but the trend in hemorrhaging viewership of major […]

Competition for Cable & Satellite? Says Who? Sezmi.

25 May, 2008 (15:08) | Analog Transition, DTV, rant, TV |

Sezmi is a startup out of Belmont, California that hopes to win subscribers from cable and satellite providers by providing a cheaper, on-demand and real-time television viewing service for a select selection of the more popular broadcast and “cable” channels. This new company is born from the ashes and founders of the defunct USDTV service […]

Breaking the chains. Dumping my cell phone contract.

17 May, 2008 (11:35) | rant |

First, let me say that this will not work for everyone and those teenagers that have their parents footing the mobile bill, unfortunately, will not feel the financial pain of owning a cell phone. At least, not yet. However, many people are in the same boat as myself carrying a work cell and a personal […]

NAB 2008 In Review.

4 May, 2008 (14:00) | Analog Transition, DTV, HDTV, NAB, rant, TV |

This year’s NAB had a bit more energy among television broadcasters than the NAB show last year and almost all of it was around the mobile DTV plans and testing currently going on. Despite the interest in mobile DTV and the NAB claiming ~105,000 registered attendees, the North and Central halls were only mildly busy. […]