DTV Transition

For the old…. err.. “seasoned” television viewer that doesn’t understand what a “Tivo” is and still tunes in to re-runs of Matlock (after adding more tin foil to the rabbit ears), a few items just popped up on my radar I thought I would forward to everyone.

First is a website discussing the digital transition which I stumbled upon completely by accident, not because it was being promoted by broadcasters (go figure):

Second is a new $40-coupon-targeted converter box finally out in the wild and you can read bout it here:

BTW, Gizmodo is a crass tech site so if reading profanity hurts your eyes don’t click the link…

Zenith (LG) is also making one and you can get a peek at it here:

And scroll down a bit to “LG Electronics USA” where they have a link to a similar looking and equally featureless black box here:

LG Set Top Box

For any bit of this program to be effective I’m betting the Feds will need to buy the entire AARP mailing list and send a printed version of all this to every recipient… (Just kidding….. Sort of….)