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Category: DTV

HDTV Infrastructure

1 October, 2001 (16:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

Prior to installing the coming DTV transmitters there had to be a manner in which to get the HD signal to the transmitter. Since we would ultimately have two high-power DTV transmitter sites and they are a considerable distance from the studios, the only practical solution would be to encode the HD signal at the […]

KHOG Transmitter Building Expansion

1 September, 2001 (17:00) | DTV, HDTV, Projects |

In order to accommodate the additional transmitter equipment for this station’s HDTV transmitter the building had to be expanded considerably.  I was able to include in the budget enough area for a sound-resistant office where maintenance records, spare parts and test equipment could be kept and calls could be made without having to shout over […]

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